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This is my love letter to New York

Written with the flavors, aromas and textures of my childhood, inspired by my culinary muse (and beloved sister) Tatiana.

Kwame's big sister looked after him while their mother worked as a chef in New York City. As the loving caretaker of his early food-wishes and dreams, Tatiana serves as the inspiration for this restaurant, and will forever hold a special place in Kwame's heart.

With an upbringing rooted in and around the Bronx and the old neighborhood of San Juan Hill, there was no shortage of culinary inspiration for Chef Kwame to draw from: Italian bakeries, Chinese takeout, Caribbean roti shops, corner stores and local bodegas – which is why Tatiana's menu reflects those proud and diverse origins, served with equal measures of care and love.

Tatiana is a tribute to the neighborhoods of Chef Kwame's youth

These fond memories – steeped in a melting pot of New York City's diverse culinary influences – serve as the foundation of Tatiana's "story" – one written in the romance language of food, inspired by his Afro-Caribbean-by-way-of-the-Bronx heritage. And while Kwame's first love is most certainly cooking, that love extends beyond the kitchen and into the community, where he nourishes local causes with philanthropic contributions – not only to honor and nurture his roots, but to inspire the next generation of talented chefs to do the same.