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"This is my love letter to New York –

written with the flavors, aromas and textures of my childhood, inspired by my culinary muse (and beloved sister) Tatiana."

Kwame's big sister looked after him while their mother worked as a chef in New York City. As the loving caretaker of his early food-wishes and dreams, Tatiana serves as the inspiration for this restaurant, and will forever hold a special place in Kwame's heart.


Tatiana is a tribute to the neighborhoods of Chef Kwame's youth

These fond memories – steeped in a melting pot of New York City's diverse culinary influences – serve as the foundation of Tatiana's "story" – one written in the romance language of food, inspired by his Afro-Caribbean-by-way-of-the-Bronx heritage. And while Kwame's first love is most certainly cooking, that love extends beyond the kitchen and into the community, where he nourishes local causes with philanthropic contributions – not only to honor and nurture his roots, but to inspire the next generation of talented chefs to do the same.